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Bulb Planter

The easy and clean way to plant bulbs

Loaded spring for easier release of soil

Depth scale  in centimetres and inches

Manufactured from steel with a plastic handle

Bulb Planter

Product Code:  728
Outer Quantity:  12



Wooden Dibber

The easy and precise way to sow seeds or plant on young plants

"T" shaped grip handle for comfort

Steel tip for greater durability

Wooden Dibber

Product Code:  729
Outer Quantity:  12


Metal Garden Riddles

Available in two mesh sizes, either 8mm or 12mm

Mesh secured by metal ring at base for extra strength

Ideal for grading soil and compost

Use for dusting over seed trays etc

Approximate dimensions:  36cms external diameter,  30.5cms internal diameter

Metal Riddle (8mm mesh)          (12mm mesh)

Product Code:  755                                  Product Code:  757
Outer Quantity:  12                                 Outer Quantity:  12


Plastic Vari-Riddle


Interlocking mesh offers both 10mm and 4mm mesh options

Approximate dimensions:   30cms x 24cms x 7cms

Plastic Vari-Riddle 

Product Code:  753
Outer Quantity:  10


Wooden Garden Riddles

Traditional garden riddles, beautifully crafted from fumigated poplar timber

Available with either 7mm or 10mm galvanised mesh

Approximate dimensions:  43cms external diameter, 40cms internal diameter.  Height:  9.5cms

Ideal for grading soil and compost

Use for dusting over seed trays etc.

Wooden Riddle (7mm mesh)                 (10mm mesh)

Product Code:  758                                                 Product Code:  759
Outer Quantity:  6                                                   Outer Quantity:  6


Dual Handle Tiller


Long handle 1.3mtrs total length, with three robust double spike heads

Can convert to a short handle (total length 30cms) which has one double spike head

Ideal for breaking up the soil, or for working in compost

Dual Handle Tiller

Product Code:  760
Outer Quantity:  8