Garden Tidy

Pop Up Garden Bag

Robust and hardwearing polyester bag

Drainage hole in base

Two carry handles and a tipping handle

Available in two sizes:

Medium: 45cm diameter x 58cm high

Large:   60cm diameter x 70cm high


Product codes:  715 (Medium)  717 (Large)

Outer Quantity 12

Leaf Grabbers

Hand Held Leaf grabbers

Sturdy and robust plastic grabbers

34.5 x 50cm approx.

Ergonomic hand grip

  • Product Code: 733

  • Outer Qty: 6

Dustpan and Brush

Dustpan and Brush

Large capacity plastic dustpan with rubber lip

Stiff brush for superior sweeping performance

Dustpan 34 x 40 x 12cm

Brush size 35 x 4.3 x 7cm

Bristles 5cm


Dustpan and Brush

Product Code 727
Outer Quantity 6

Telescopic Leaf Rake

Telescopic Leaf Rake

Rake Length from 82cm - 126cm

Head Width from 19cm - 54cm

Substantial Handle - diameter 25.5mm / 21.6mm

Positive "click" on telescopic handle mechanism


Product Code 710
Outer Quantity 12

Twin Head 39cm Garden Broom

Garden broom with 2 x 39cm heads (1 x soft bristles & 1 x stiff bristles)

EVA comfort grip on shaft

Heavy duty handle 135cm x 25mm dia

Ideal for use throughout the house and garden

Twin Head 39cm Garden Broom

Product Code 725

Outer Qty: 8

16 litre dustbin

16 Litre Galvanised mini dustbin

30 cm high (excl lid) 34cm high with lid

25cm diameter at base (28.5cm at top)

Fully Galvanised

16l Mini Bin
Product Code 431
Outer Quantity 6 nested

Hard Base Pop Up Garden Bag

Hardwearing polyester pop up garden bag with hard base

Hard base protects bag when dragged over gravel or other rough surfaces

Drainage holes in base

Two carry handle and a tipping handle

55cm diameter x 69cm high


Hard Base Pop Up Garden Bag 
Product Code 718
Outer Quantity 6