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Special Hoses

Soaker Hose

20 metre porous hose pipe

Ideal for continuous watering of hedges, herbaceous borders, vegetable plots etc.

Designed to operate at low pressure

Provides even soaking above or below ground

Uses up to 70% less water than a conventional sprinkler

Complete with snap fit hose fittings (fully compatible with all recognised plastic and brass snap fit hose fittings)

20mtr Soaker Hose

Product Code:  340
Outer Quantity:  8



Veggie Bed Soaker Hose

4 metre flat hose with nylon sleeving

Designed for use with raised beds

Operates on low water pressure

Only 30cm turning space required

Includes all required connectors (compatible with all major brands of hose fittings)

Veggie Bed Soaker Hose

Product Code:  344
Outer Quantity:  12


Soaker Hose Pegs

10 x soaker hose pegs per pack

12.5cms long

Easy to position and re-position

Full colour header card

Soaker Hose Pegs

Product Code:  341
Outer Quantity:  20 packs