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Watering Cans & Buckets

Traditional Galvanised Watering Can

Traditional design - available in 5ltr or 10ltr capacity

Medium watering rose, with a brass rose connection

Folding handle for easy access to taps

Traditional Galvanised Watering Can 5ltr

Product Code:  405
Outer Quantity:  6

Traditional Galvanised Watering Can 10ltr

Product Code:  410
Outer Quantity:  4


Galvanised Watering Can Rose

Medium sized rose

Galvanised with brass screw on insert

Galvanised Watering Can Rose

Product Code:  411
Outer Quantity:  10


1.5 Ltr Watering Jug

Available in a choice of two colours:  dark green or yellow

Attractive Contemporary Design

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

1.5 Ltr Watering Jug (Dark Green)

Product Code:  401
Outer Quantity:  32

1.5 Ltr Watering Jug (Yellow)

Product Code:  402
Outer Quantity:  32

Mixed Outer (16 of each colour)

Product Code:  401b
Outer Quantity:  32


Galvanised Bucket 12L

Galvanised round 12ltr capacity bucket

Sturdy 5mm diameter handle

29cms diameter at top x 26cms high

Galvanised Bucket 12ltr

Product Code:  420
Outer Quantity:  6