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Spare Parts – Pressure Sprayers

pressure sprayers

A range of spare parts are available for Greenkey pressure sprayers. (Please note – they are designed to fit Greenkey sprayers, and are unlikely to fit other makes of sprayers.)

To order, please follow the steps below:-

step one

Refer to your sprayer, so that you can answer the following questions. This will help us determine exactly which model you have, and exactly which spare part you need:

  1. What size is your sprayer? i.e. 4litre, 5litre, 6 litre, 7 litre, 8litre, 10 litre (this is printed in large type on the sprayer bottle)
  2. Does the sprayer have a black base? **
  3. Does the sprayer have a green collar or a white collar?
  4. For 5 litre sprayers, is the lance yellow or grey?
  5. For 5 litre sprayers, does it have green graduation marks on the bottle?

**PLEASE NOTE – We regret we are no longer able to supply tap assemblies or lance assemblies for the obsolete 140 / 160 / 180 Pressure Sprayers. These can be identified by the fact they have a green collar and NO black base

step two

Select which part you need from the images below. If you are not sure, please call us on 01594 560200 and we will be pleased to help. All prices include postage, packing and VAT:



step three

To order:

  • Either call us on 01594 560200 with details of the part you require and your credit card details.  All credit card details are destroyed once the transaction is completed.
  • Or send us a cheque made payable to Greenkey Garden & Home Ltd.  Don’t forget to include details of the part you require, answers to the questions about your sprayer above, and your full postal address so we can send the part out to you.
  • We endeavour to send all parts out the same day, but during very busy periods, it may be the following day.