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Winter Seasonal

Bum Slider Sledge

Robust plastic "bum slider" snow sledge

Approximate dimensions: 42cms x 32cms

Mixed colours - blue and red

Seasonal impulse buy

Bum Slider Sledge
Product Code:  2716
Outer Quantity:  35 (mixed red/blue)


Deluxe Ice Scraper

Sturdy ice scraper with lined glove for comfort

Dimensions of glove 16cms x 30cms

Approximate dimensions of scraper 11cms x 23.5cms

Deluxe Ice Scraper

Product Code:  2710
Outer Quantity:  25


Ice Scraper

Sturdy ice scraper

Foam handle for comfort

Second ridged scraper blade for thicker ice

Approximate dimensions:  25.5cms x 9.5cms

Ice Scraper

Product Code:  2705
Outer Quantity:  50


Long Handled Ice Scraper with Brush

Sturdy ice scraper with brush for removing snow from roof and bonnet

Helps user to scrape ice from the entire windscreen - even the hard to reach centre!

Ideal for vans, lorries, 4x4s and other larger vehicles

Approximate dimensions: 54cms x 10cms

Long Handled Ice Scraper with Brush
Product Code:  2712
Outer Quantity:  30

Outside Tap Protector

Helps prevent freezing when temperature drops below zero

Fits most outdoor tap styles, easy to fit

Tap can be used whilst cover is in place

Easy to remove, store and re-use next winter

Outside Tap Protector

Product Code:  2717
Outer Quantity:  25


Snow Overshoes

Anti-slip overshoes for added grip in snowy and icy conditions.  Available in 3 sizes:

Medium - 4-7 (UK)  36-41 (EU)

Large - 6-11 (UK)  39-46 (EU)

Extra Large - 10-13 (UK)  45-48 (EU)

Ultra lightweight and quick to put on and take off

CE marked

Supplied in colour packaging.  Dump Bin Display Unit available for volume purchases

Medium                             Large                     XLarge

Product Code:  775           Code:  780              Code:  785
Outer Quantity:  20          Quantity:  20         Quantity:  20


Windscreen Cover

Universal size, fits all cars, estates, 4x4s etc.

Elastic loop fits over wing mirror to enable one person to fit cover with ease.  Simply close doors over side flaps to secure

With a reflective finish on both faces it can also be used as a screen in the summer

Approximate dimensions: 150cms x 70cms

Windscreen Cover

Product Code:  2715
Outer Quantity:  20