FAQ Category: FAQs - Pressure Sprayers

Q. How do I fill my pressure sprayer?

A. Please click HERE for instructions on how to fill your pressure sprayer.

Q. What products can I use in my Greenkey Sprayer?

A. Greenkey Sprayers are for use with water based garden chemicals only. They are NOT for use with chlorine, solvents or petroleum based products. For further information please contact us.

Q. How do I restrict the area I spray with my Pressure Sprayer?

A.   All Greenkey Sprayers have a fully adjustable nozzle, providing a fine mist to a jet spray.

Q. I have damaged / lost part of my Pressure Sprayer. Can I obtain spare parts?

A. A full range of spare parts is available for the Greenkey Pressure Sprayer range. If your local retailer does not stock them, we can supply the relevant part to you by mail order. Please contact us or click here for prices and further information.