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Q. My Soaker Hose isn’t working?

A. The first time you use a Soaker Hose, it is advisable to unroll the hose 24 hours before you use it. This gives time for the micro perforations to open up slightly after having been tightly coiled. Ensure that your Soaker Hose is used on level ground. Soaker Hoses do not work efficiently on …

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Q. Can I use a Soaker Hose connected to my water butt?

A. Soaker Hoses can be used with a water butt. The ideal height for the water source is 2–4 feet off the ground, depending how much pressure is required. For a slower flow, place the butt nearer to the ground.

Q. Can I connect several Soaker Hoses together?

A. You can connect two Soaker Hoses together, but we recommend that you don’t connect more than two together as standard water pressure will not be enough to push water further than 40m. To connect two Soaker Hoses together you need to buy a connector piece from our spares department. Please contact us or click …

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Q. Why is water flowing straight through my veggie bed Soaker Hose and not “soaking through”?

A. The Greenkey Soaker Hose is supplied with a blue plastic male connector to enable two lengths to be joined together. This connector should be removed (pulled) out from the yellow collar marked “Stop” to ensure that the water is not able to flow out of the end of the hose. By doing this, the water will …

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