Featured Product: Leaf Grabbers

Cleaning up your yard and gardens can be a big task. Having all the necessary tools can help make this cleanup work go smoother. Leaf grabbers are one of those items that can help speed your clean up along and help maintain your garden throughout the year.

Leaf blowers or rakes can pile leaves into one area, and then a set of Greenkey leaf grabbers can pluck them up and get them tucked into the mulch bags or bin. Leaf grabbers are simple tools that just grab and then release a pile of leaves quickly. They are also great for when lawn clippings and leaves are wet or damp.

Hand Held Leaf Grabbers


  • Hand held leaf grabbers
  • 34.5cm x 50cm approx.
  • Made from sturdy and robust plastic
  • Ergonomic hand grip
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Hand Held Leaf Grabbers
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