Although not everyone might consider themselves gardening enthusiasts, there is an undeniable pleasure from moments spent in gardens and taking in the time and effort you have put into making your garden a place you love. Thew below stats, courtesy of YouGov look at how people polled felt about gardening.

  • 87% believe gardens and green spaces benefit their state of mind
  • 84% believe gardens and green spaces benefit their physical health
  • 94% believe gardens and green spaces benefit the environment
  • 94% believe gardens and green spaces make an area a pleasant place to live
  • 93% believe gardens and green spaces help to support wildlife
*Our top 3 benefits of gardening.

Hosting a BBQ? A safe place for the kids to play? Watching the sunset at the end of the day are all great things people love to spend time doing in their garden. We spoke to members of the Greenkey team and asked them what the 3 main health and wellbeing benefits are of gardening…

Excerise, but not as you know it…

Gardening quickly maintains and improves our physical activity levels. Tasks linked to gardening, including planting, weeding, and lawn mowing, all contribute to enhancing our cardiovascular well-being and overall fitness. Devote sufficient time to activities like digging, weeding, and trimming, and you’ll swiftly find yourself perspiring. Remarkably, expending energy during 30 minutes of gardening closely rivals that expended while playing badminton or practicing yoga. Moreover, due to its gentle impact on the body, gardening stands as an excellent exercise choice for individuals seeking less strenuous workout alternatives.

Spending time with family…

Consider involving your entire family in the realm of gardening. This presents an opportunity to collectively relish moments outdoors. Gardening is an incredibly adaptable pursuit, tailored to your preferences for simplicity or intricacy. If you have young children, they can assist with planting seeds or removing weeds. Older kids might express interest in mastering lawnmower operation or wielding a trowel. Ultimately, everyone can partake in the gratification that arises from observing their garden flourish.

Feel good factor…

Witnessing the fruits of your labor in the garden can offer a genuine feeling of achievement. Beyond merely crafting a space for your family’s delight, gardens cultivated with diversity in perspective hold profound significance for nearby surroundings. Gardens that embody a harmonious blend can substantially contribute to the prosperity of ecosystems, a fact that should evoke a sense of pride within you.