Did you know that Bees provide us with every third mouthful of food we eat? Without Bees, we’d be unable to grow lots of favourite foods, including tomatoes, blueberries and green beans. They are vital, and they need help.Daisy type flowers are best for Bees.What you need for a Bee friendly garden

  • Bee friendly plants
  • Bee hotel
  • Lawnmower
  • Birdbath and pebbles

Top Tip – Relax about the weeds in your lawn. Some, such as daisies and clover are a really good food source for bees.

Create and protect potential nesting sites
There are hundreds of different types of wild Bees in Britain. They choose a variety of places to set up home. Buy or make a ‘bug hotel’ to provide habitat for Bees and lots of other wildlife – it’s particularly fun job for children.Take a look at our Wildlife Habitats
At Greenkey Garden & Home, we support Buglife – the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates. They’re actively working to save Britain’s rarest little animals. A percentage of each sale we make goes to Buglife.
Plant nectar and pollen rich flowers
Plant a mixture of plants that flower over a long period to give as much of a food source as possible.
Minimise use of garden chemicals
Try to avoid using chemicals like pesticides in your garden. Instead, encourage natural predators like beetles which will eat the pests for you. Log piles and compost heaps are useful habitats for our garden allies.
Provide a water source
Bees need a drink too! If you have space, why not create a wildlife pond? Alternatively, how about a pot sunk into the ground or a birdbath containing a few part submerged rocks to enable bees to reach the water.