As March marks the start of spring, it’s important to be mindful of the weather forecast as it can still be quite cold at times. If the conditions aren’t favorable, it’s best to postpone any outdoor tasks. However, with the clocks going forward this month, the days get longer and the increased daylight hours provide favorable growing conditions for plants. Spring bulbs are the highlight of the season, and their blooming in borders and patio pots is a reward for planting them during the previous autumn.

Garden maintenance tips for spring:

  • Revitalize your lawn (top tips here)
  • Set up a new compost bin to recycle garden waste
  • Install a pond or water feature to attract wildlife
  • Use slug barrier products to protect vulnerable perennials
  • Replant indoor bulbs outdoors and fertilize
  • Check tree ties and stakes for security
  • Remove wind-damaged branches from trees and shrubs
  • Fork out perennial weeds by the roots
  • Place bug boxes in sheltered areas
  • Continue feeding garden birds
  • Cut down winter-grown green manure and prep for sowing
  • Prune winter-flowering jasmine to encourage next year’s blooms

Prepare the veg plot

March marks the start of planting season and it’s crucial to prepare the soil beforehand to maximize yields. Adding organic matter like well-rotted manure, chicken pellets, or compost can provide the necessary nutrients for most vegetables. Digging the soil and incorporating organic material can prevent compaction and ready the soil for growth. However, if the soil is too wet or has been affected by a wet winter, it’s best to avoid stepping on it to prevent further compaction.

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