Our story

GreenKey are a leading supplier to the garden industry throughout the UK and Europe.

Supplying practical gardening tools, wildlife habitats and decorative garden products of quality, backed up by a friendly and knowledgeable team. Greenkey was established in 2002 with our Head Office in the heart of The Royal Forest of Dean.



As 2023 approaches, more people are making the conscientious decision to switch to a carbon-friendly lifestyle.

This switch can bring many benefits including tackling climate change issues, which applies even when gardening!

By taking a fresh outlook and raising awareness of the benefits of a more carbon-friendly lifestyle we can all reduce our carbon footprint and ensure a healthier environment for our communities.

Here at GREENKEY, we have everything you need to start off your low-carbon living when tending to your garden.

Gardening is proven to be great way to take care of our environment (and yourself!) by reducing carbon dioxide and supporting a healthy green lifestyle which has a positive impact for years to come. GREENKEY products are here to help create a better future.