We sell various wildlife habitats but a particularly popular one is the Bat Box. Having a Bat Box gives bats a safe space to sleep during the day and raise their pups. The best kind of Bat Boxes have ridges leading up to a small slit and are usually made out of wood. Read the rest of our blog to find out more about bats and what we can do to protect them.

Get to know bats

Bats are nocturnal – during the night they find food like moths and midges and during the day they roost in quiet spaces. Sadly, the availability of bat roosts is declining – roof spaces are being sealed and it’s harder to find old trees in our gardens. That’s why Bat Boxes are so important to have to provide bats with a habitat to be safe in.

Bats use Bat Boxes for different things at different times of the year. In the summer, female bats gather together to form a maternity roost, where they give birth and suckle their young. In winter, bats hibernate. This means bats use these habitats all year round so it’s super important not to disturb the boxes. Watch and enjoy from a distance. If you don’t see any bats going in or out, look out for their black droppings underneath the entrance. They’re little dry pellets that crumble to dust. The most likely new residents will be pipistrelles – they are one of the smallest bats, weighing the same as 10 paperclips and are small enough to fit in a matchbox.

Where to put your Bat Box

You could put it under the eaves of your house or, if you have an older tree in your garden, you could attach it to the trunk. We suggest putting the box at least 3 metres from the ground and sheltered from strong winds but exposed to the sun for part of the day. You also want to make sure there is a clear flight line in to your Bat Box.

Greenkey Bat Boxes

We have 2 sizes of Bat Boxes – both with grooved bat ladders and an entrance slit of 20mm. They are designed to be draught proof and, being made from timber, are both aesthetically attractive and resistant to all weathers. The timber used for our Bat Boxes is untreated internally as some chemicals are harmful to bats.

All information needed for your Bat Box is on the back of the product which makes for a great gift for wildlife lovers!

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